Sunday, August 21, 2011

some brief updates...

hello all. some stuff's been happening as of late, and i figured a brief update was appropriate:

things are moving along with the undermine EP: the tape order is set to be placed very soon, and once we've done that we can commence work on the booklet. big ups to madden from fleshtemple, whose label Human Trafficking will be putting it out. we are anticipating a september release, but knowing how things can go this is subject to change.

yesterday, pete lloyd and i recorded the beastly matt thompson on drums for the dystrophy side of our split. today, we commenced to record the first guitar tracks. this shit is sounding completely off the fucking wall and i am greatly anticipating the final product. it sounds like nothing they've ever done before, but in a very familiar way (if that makes any sense).

more news on the pharaoh split is forthcoming. until then, look forward to some killer new stuff in the coming months.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The next EP Undermine is in the works. Look out for Dethroned Emperor the 28th in Montclair at Sausage Fest.