Friday, May 22, 2015

Enthralled In Stasis

Almost six years ago Dethroned Emperor came into being. Born from the desire to create the most violent music we could, we spend the years honing an approach that was as disorienting as it was devastating. In the past five years, Dethroned Emperor released one demo, two E.P.s, two splits. one compilation, and one full length CD. Dethroned Emperor played 42 shows in basements, clubs, bars, and warehouses. We delivered our own brand of extreme war grind chaos. Some people were indifferent, others were obsessed.

But now, Dethroned Emperor has fulfilled its mission and now it is time for a new beginning.

J and I have decided that it is time to put Dethroned Emperor to rest. This is simply because the mindset and approach we now take to songwriting is different. Thus this message acts as both obituary and birth announcement. Our new band, MASSIVE RETALIATION, will inherit the orthodox worship of speed and death that Dethroned Emperor embodied. MASSIVE RETALIATION acts as both a progression and a regression from Dethroned Emperor: to put it succinctly, less grind and more war. J will have promotional copies of our demo at MDF this weekend--track him down if you'd like a copy (look for a Death Fortress backpatch, the only one in existence). The promo copies are first come-first serve and we will not hold any. The demo will be formally released again on cassette later this year.

We are also planning to release a Dethroned Emperor discography CD. Look for more information on that front in the coming months.

In any case, it has been a fun and  productive six years. Throughout our time we have been aided by a number of irreplaceable allies and we must pay respect where it is due. We would like to send HEAVY thanks to our close friends and stalwart allies in: Pete, Matt, Greg, and Pete of DYSTROPHY (whose new album Wretched Host is insane--grab a copy ASAP); Shawn and Fleshtemple; Vinny Bo and Signature Riff; Tommy Baumann (Buck, Neur), Rich and Pharaoh; Team Aquarium (Sean, Nick, Andy, Brian, Tim); Team Alamo (Kyle, Luke, Mike, Matt, Colin, JP, Dan); Mike and Luc Kriebel; Steve and Bill from Wreckless Press; Alex "Black Lung" Sadat; Alex from Lurker's Path; and all our friends who have supported us through the years.


- T & J