Past Shows

Jan 16@ Battle School (first show! as "Subversives," NB, NJ) w/ Dystrophy
April 22nd @ Zulu Nation (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Fleshtemple, Pharaoh, Bog Body
Jun 25th @ The Aquarium (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Buck, Fleshtemple, Dystrophy
July 17 @ The Gutter (Somerset, NJ) w/ Get Over Here, Bad Dayz
Aug 5th @ The Aquarium w/ GDP, Product of Waste, Snake Pit
Aug 22nd @ The Aquarium w/ Pharaoh, High Priest, Dutchguts, Decaying Citadel
Oct 26th @ The Aquarium w/ Veloz, Sick Charade, Don't Wake Up, Old Wounds
Nov 3 @ The Gutter (Somerset, NJ) VERSUS SET Dead Womb vs. Amputee, Getoverhere vs. Dethroned Emperor, Misanthropic Noise vs. Big Werm
Nov 12th @ Warren American Legion (Warren, NJ) w/ Swashbuckle, Dutchguts, Drudgery, Big Werm
Dec 29th @ The Get Down (Asheville, NC) w/ Dystrophy, Megahurtz
Dec 30th @ Some Dance Studio? (Greensboro, NC) w/ Dystrophy, Natural Law, Trapper, Burma

Jan 5th @ Litter Box (Philly, PA) w/ Secret Police, Gash, Self-Conscious
March 5th @ The North Tavern (Dunellen, NJ) w/ Humanity Falls, Rogyapa, Dystrophy, Painted Rust
March 20th @ Dad's House (Philly, PA) w/ Amputee, Neon Hole
April 3rd @ Warren American Legion (Warren, NJ) w/ Dystrophy, Fleshtemple, KENmode, and Black Breath
April 22nd @ The Loft (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Ave Satanas, Painted Rust, Dodsfalla
April 30th @ Rutgers AG Field Fest
May 11th @ The Aquarium (last show!) (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Neur, Grass is Green, Many Arms, The Dikes of Holland
May 15th @ The Meatlocker (Montclair, NJ) w/ Dead Womb, Drudgery, Mortum, Anticosm
June 18th @ The Cukoos Nest (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Rogyapa, Phibes, Gorilla Pussy, Ezturbo, and 1 other
July 22nd @ Gnar City (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Chasms, Neur, Dystrophy
July 23rd @ Joey's (Twin Rivers, NJ) w/ Koipito, John D, Neur, Cunt Punters
September 9th @ Josh's (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Salo, Cordyceps, The Communion, Bud Dwyer
October 7th @ The Alamo, (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Argonauts, Torchbearer, Regents
October 13th @ Ray Cappo's Cantina (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Don't Wake up, In Defense, Loose Ends
October 28th @ Gnar City (New Brunswick, NJ) Halloween Set (Dethroned Emperor as Discharge), Neur (Black Fag), Captive (Fugazi), also feat. Eddie Brock

February 3rd @ Ray Cappo's Cantina (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Dystrophy, Fleshtemple, Pyrrhon
February 29th @ Ray Cappo's Cantina (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Water Torture, Budd Dwyer, Sonofabitch
March 29th @ The Acheron (Brooklyn, NYC) w/ Speedwolf, Coffin Dust, Salo
April 6 @ The Alamo (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ SoftDov, the Scamps, Ramming Speed
April 14th @ The Alamo (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Senobyte, ASD, Cognitive, Dystrophy
June 29th @ The Alamo (New Brunswick, NJ), Damaged Goods vs. Ides, The Communion, Budd Dwyer vs. Dethroned Emperor
July 1st @ St. Vitus Bar (Brooklyn, NYC) w/ Dead Congregation, Sanguis Imperem, Mutant Supremacy
July 22nd@ Bath Haus (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Bible Thumper, Munchausen, Dopestroke
August 9th @ The Alamo (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Bastard Deceiver, Radiation, Don't Wake Up

Jan 11 @ The Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ) w/ Fleshtemple, Dystrophy, ASD, Ramming Speed, Sexcrement
Feb 19 @ The Alamo (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Iron Reagan, ASD, Weird Wolf
April 13 @ Ray Cappo's Cantina (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Dystrophy, Bible Thumper, Intheshit
May 16th @ Ray Cappo's Cantina (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Fleshtemple, Living Void (MA), Bible Thumper
June 1st @ The Paper Box (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Deiphago, Discordia, Anticosm
August 1st @ The Meat Locker (Montclair, NJ) w/ Coffin Dust, Organ Donor, Gnarlife, Dutch Guts
October 12th @ The Court Tavern (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Abazagorath, Bible Thumper, Budd Dwyer, Narc Blaster