Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lurker review of Undermine

Here is a link to a review by Lurker of the new EP Undermine:
Keep posted soon for download links of sold-out releases in the discography section (probably this week).
The winter beckons early this season.


Friday, October 21, 2011


We are proud to announce the release of UNDERMINE through Human Trafficking. The tape features 13 tracks of raw analog attack metal played in the style of ARCHGOAT, NAPALM DEATH, and early CRYPTOPSY. Below you can hear two tracks from the tape and pick it up at upcoming gigs (next Oct 28th) or at

Each tape comes in an oversized tape cover with a cloth patch and almost 30 page xeroxed insert booklet of art and lyrics. The first 50 come with a pin as well.

Dethroned Emperor-Pollution Zones by HUMANTRAFFICKING
Dethroned Emperor-Population Control pt 2 by HUMANTRAFFICKING

"Undermine is forceful and relentless. New Jersey's Dethroned Emperor has tossed bemusing rhythms bound by primal attack into an auto compactor. The result is dense and aggressive. Upon hearing parts that release tension, you'll be unsatisfied with your grip, as each riff will be consumed by the next. Knee deep in this album you'll realize you have no control over this addictive dissatisfaction, and will become paralyzed as the vicious two piece kicks you in the balls and punches you in the teeth. The slimy and violent vocals are constantly reinforcing the pummeling riffs. By the time you get to the last track (Archgoat cover) you'll be immobile laying in a puddle of your own vomit and feces. The more you get into this album the less frail you will feel. When you start to follow the meandering linear format, the once feeble feelings will be replaced with power and pleasure." - T. Baumann

Thanks to everyone involved in this release especially S. Madden of Fleshtemple/Human Trafficking! Keep posted for an added "lyrics" section to the blog.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Undermine PREVIEW

Footage of new track "Grave Tunneler" off of upcoming EP UNDERMINE followed by "Meat Grinder" which appeared on "bullshit-in, bullshit out" and soon to appear again on the split with Dystrophy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumnal Apocalypse

Finally, the UNDERMINE ep is completed and nearly ready to be released. PREPARE FOR 13 MINUTES OF ANALOG DEATH GRIND AUDIO COMBAT! The ep will be released through Human Trafficking and will come in an over-sized cassette case and include a patch, a pin, and a booklet containing automatic drawings done under the influence of UNDERMINE (sample left) and the accompanying lyrics. Upon completion, we will provide information for ordering from Human Trafficking (we will have copies which will only be available at shows).
On the agenda is a new t-shirt as well as a split tape with Dystrophy to be released on RTF. Expect this immediately after UNDERMINE, featuring another 11 minutes of aggressive attack force! And on the further-horizon stay posted for another crushing split tape with doom-overlords Pharaoh.

Upcoming gigs:
October 7th and 8th, Dethroned Emperor will be performing at the Alamo in NB (contact for address, do not post address online).
October 13th Dethroned Emperor plays with In Defense, Loose Ends, and Don't Wake Up at Hot Mule in NB (contact for address, do not post address online)