Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumnal Apocalypse

Finally, the UNDERMINE ep is completed and nearly ready to be released. PREPARE FOR 13 MINUTES OF ANALOG DEATH GRIND AUDIO COMBAT! The ep will be released through Human Trafficking and will come in an over-sized cassette case and include a patch, a pin, and a booklet containing automatic drawings done under the influence of UNDERMINE (sample left) and the accompanying lyrics. Upon completion, we will provide information for ordering from Human Trafficking (we will have copies which will only be available at shows).
On the agenda is a new t-shirt as well as a split tape with Dystrophy to be released on RTF. Expect this immediately after UNDERMINE, featuring another 11 minutes of aggressive attack force! And on the further-horizon stay posted for another crushing split tape with doom-overlords Pharaoh.

Upcoming gigs:
October 7th and 8th, Dethroned Emperor will be performing at the Alamo in NB (contact for address, do not post address online).
October 13th Dethroned Emperor plays with In Defense, Loose Ends, and Don't Wake Up at Hot Mule in NB (contact for address, do not post address online)


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