Sunday, July 24, 2011


Cheers to Joey S. for putting on the show last night, Todd S. for filming, and Will for the beers and help carrying gear! 3 New tapes are on the way. Keep posted.

Friday, July 22, 2011

a quick note....

This morning I came across a myspace page for a band called Dethroned Emperor, which can be found here:

I just wanted to make it abundantly clear that we have never and will never have a myspace page; I don't really know what this band's deal is (a member for more than a year, apparently, and still no music up), but know that any information about THIS Dethroned Emperor will come from either here or via direct email correspondence with me and J ONLY. I do not claim any sort of masquerade on their part; rather, I wish to make it clear who is who and what information is valid in regards to this band.

In other news, we're playing a benefit show for Elijah's promise soup kitchen in New Brunswick with Chasms, Neur, Dystrophy, and Something About Death or Dying. Admission is $1 with a can of non-perishable food or $5 without. We will also be playing a show in nearby East Windsor the day after with Neur and even more bands. Information for either might be gathered by contacting me via email or phone.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

dead shall rise

Hello all. Just to let you know we're not dead/maimed/suspended in carbonite; J has been abroad and I've been slowly atrophying in the barren wastes of central NJ. Thankfully J has now returned, and we can finally resume the sonic destruction (I'm gonna bust a HUGE death metal nut when we practice tomorrow).

The release of our next EP is in the works! Our good buddy Madden from Fleshtemple/Suburban Scum is putting it out for us with some sweet artwork; more information is forthcoming. We have also finished recording the tracks for our split with Dystrophy. In early August the legends themselves will come to my home studio to record their side of the split. I think these recordings are the absolute best we've ever produced, so when this comes out I'm sure many of you will be rather pleased with what we've accomplished.

On another note, we will be playing what will undoubtedly be an awesome show on the 22nd in NB (you would have to 'ask a longhair' to get more info) alongside Something About Death or Dying, Dystrophy, Neur, and Chasms. The show is a benefit for Elijah's promise soup kitchen in New Brunswick, and admission is $1 with a non-perishable food item or $5 without. Shit's gonna be rad as hell: attendance is strongly advised and it's for a good cause to boot.

All in all, I'd say things are lookin' pretty rad right now. To top it all off J just got an incredible deal on a JCM2000 head so now shit sounds even more ridiculous. You'll hear it on the dystro split....