Friday, July 22, 2011

a quick note....

This morning I came across a myspace page for a band called Dethroned Emperor, which can be found here:

I just wanted to make it abundantly clear that we have never and will never have a myspace page; I don't really know what this band's deal is (a member for more than a year, apparently, and still no music up), but know that any information about THIS Dethroned Emperor will come from either here or via direct email correspondence with me and J ONLY. I do not claim any sort of masquerade on their part; rather, I wish to make it clear who is who and what information is valid in regards to this band.

In other news, we're playing a benefit show for Elijah's promise soup kitchen in New Brunswick with Chasms, Neur, Dystrophy, and Something About Death or Dying. Admission is $1 with a can of non-perishable food or $5 without. We will also be playing a show in nearby East Windsor the day after with Neur and even more bands. Information for either might be gathered by contacting me via email or phone.


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  1. TG,

    Katastrof here... if you've got an email mailing list, I'd like to be added to hear of the upcoming upcoming:

    pro.anti01 atatat g mail dot com

    thrash on!