Tuesday, November 29, 2011


-The split with our death metal brethren Dystrophy entitled "New Brunswick Death Metal Alliance" to be released VERY SOON in limited quantities through RTF. Dystrophy has posted their side of the split on their bandcamp page which is possibly the heaviest material to yet come out of NB. No DE samples will be posted until the physical release. As a hint, this split will carry five new tracks, 3 re-recorded bullshit-era tracks played at enhanced speeds, and a cover of Cryptopsy's "Benedictine Convulsions."

-The split with doom overlords Pharaoh is in the works. Recording has officially commenced.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Logo T-Shirt

New T-Shirt featuring new logo and War Grind Hell art by Katie Fleckenstein courtesy of WRECKLESS PRESS. Available in S, M, L adult sizes. All online orders paypal only. 11$ US , 12$ anywhere outside US (shipping included) Please send email for ordering requests/information.

-Split with Dystrophy in production, to be released within the next months. Our side will bring 9 tracks of speed assault + Cryptopsy cover. Keep posted.
-Split with Pharaoh in preparatory phases

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WGH download

War Grind Hell is now sold out, but check discography page for download link. If you previously put in an order or request for WGH we are holding tapes for you. We have been delayed in our distribution and will try to get these last few out as soon as possible.

Keep posted for news about two new devastating split tapes on the near horizon, first with Dystrophy and then with Pharaoh in the following months.