Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update: As of the day after this gig, we are almost completely tapped out of tapes and shirts: 9 copies of the split left and 1 Large shirt.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dystrophy/Dethroned Emperor Split

We have finally received our copies of the new split. You can get this tape from RTF, Dystrophy, or us. With us, the tape is 6$ + 2$ shipping to US or +4$ shipping anywhere else (Paypal preferred). We will also have the tape with us at upcoming shows. Limited to 200 copies!

After a year of preparation, comrades Dystrophy and Dethroned Emperor have focused their efforts into one of the most aggressive musical collaborations in recent memory to emerge out of central NJ. The New Brunswick Death Metal Alliance combines Dystrophy’s cultivated chaos with the wayward bestiality of Dethroned Emperor. Four-piece Dystrophy has surpassed the focused intensity of their ripping debut full-length ‘Chains of Hypocrisy’ with three new tracks that display their rabid growth in technicality, songwriting, and lyrical complexity. These razor edged tracks mark the beginning of a new year of Dystrophic-devastation that will leave you eager for their next pieces. Two-piece Dethroned Emperor dish out 9 rapid-fire lessons in insanity and a cover on their side, complementing the collaboration with an emphasis on low-end frequencies and primitive blasting. Dethroned Emperor continues to develop their erratic and compressed song style with more speed and violence than ever before. The first installment of the New Brunswick Death Metal alliance appear to you as a testament to one of the most crushing and extreme movements the overpopulated ‘basement scene’ has ever had to deal with as two slumbering titans step above ground in a combined effort to level the playing field of independent extreme music.