Friday, March 18, 2011

War Grind Hell status

Here is a long overdue update on War Grind Hell tape: The initial plan for release fell through, so we've contacted someone else to initiate production. We finished recording these tracks in November 2010 and intended to have this out in January, so we are very disappointed the delay has been this long. If all goes well, we will have tapes before the end of the month (another run of 100; if we've promised you one already don't worry about them selling out). When they are actually in production, details about a release show soon after. Also, continue to stay tuned for an extremely heavy split with doom overlords Pharaoh. The next gig is April 3rd at Warren (see flyer in prior post) and another April 22nd in New Brunswick (details soon).

In case anyone was wondering, we continued to write during the WGH release delay, so expect another new slew of tracks to make a live appearance and another self-released EP on the very near horizon

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