Saturday, April 2, 2011


after a long wait, the new EP has finally arrived. WAR GRIND HELL consists of 11 tracks (10 original songs and 1 terrorizer cover), written and recorded over the course of summer 2010. eternal thanks and gratitude for mike kriebel from evil weevil for assisting us in its duplication. also eternal thanks and gratitude to katie fleckenstein, for whom we can thank for the badass cover art. as of now we are still figuring out some distribution, but for local folks the tape will be available at our show tomorrow with black breath, KEN mode, fleshtemple, and dystrophy at warren american legion hall.

01 - self control
02 - still life
03 - miserable suffering
04 - wasting time
05 - consequence
06 - war grind hell
07 - no human left behind
08 - comparable?
09 - dilapidation
10 - insecure
11 - condemned system (terrorizer cover)


this EP has been recorded for awhile now, and we haven't just been sitting idle in the meantime. we have a split with north jersey sludge band pharaoh in the works, as well as a new EP that's already been recorded. Linkstay tuned; we are far from being silenced yet.

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