Tuesday, February 28, 2012

split w/ Dystrophy review and availability

UPDATE (as of March 7): We are still waiting on physical copies. According to the RTF webstore, their tapes which have been up for pre-order were supposed to ship "around March 5." We have still heard nothing from RTF about either their or our copies arriving. As far as I know, these delays are beyond RTF's control and related to factory delays, so please continue to bear with us through the wait. In the mean time, there is a download link floating around the RTF message board if you want to go find it.

Below is a URL to a review of the New Brunswick Death Metal Alliance split by Tom Schlatter. Thanks to Tom S. for the review! Check out his blog for reviews of a huge amount of diverse music.

Addtionally, we are down to our last 3 copies of the UNDERMINE EP which we still have available at shows. Human Trafficking is down to their last copies as well.
Also, only 4 (L) shirts remain.


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