Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dec 2012 Updates

If anyone cares, we aren't dead. These last several months mark the longest live hiatus we have taken since the start of the band in late 2009, but it doesn't mean we have been any less productive. Below are general updates for December:

>>In less than one month, Dethroned Emperor is scheduled to record its first full-length. The name is pending. We have taken a live-hiatus for the last three months in order to focus on refining the material, but once January is upon us, expect the Emperor'rs return to live performances.
>>If you won't see us locally in the next two months and intend to get a copy of the new split, we suggest ordering a tape now becuase our supply is just about run out and this tape will not be repressed.
>>We still have a solid supply of Ripping-Death compilation CDs. There are still a few t-shirts as well in S, M, and L (though the M supply is just about done).


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